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All your key metrics in one place

Your key metrics in one place
Create business dashboards that connect to the data sources of your choice including Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook...
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Understand your data at a glance
Leftronic lets you easily configure your online dashboard - mix and match different data sources to get the most out of your data.
Customize Your KPIs
Inspire your audience
Promote a data-driven culture by displaying your KPI dashboard simultaneous on multiple devices, from mobile to large screen TVs.
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Real-time Dashboards for your Business

A Leftronic real-time dashboard is the best way to monitor KPIs from every corner of your business. Get automatic updates from your marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, servers, and more; all in one place! Don't wait for a manual report, get data on events as they happen.

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Companies large and small have benefited from setting up Leftronic dashboards throughout their offices. Check out their stories and find out how you can find value in our dashboards too!

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