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For a limited time, sign up for Leftronic & get a free HDTV.

For a limited time, sign up for Leftronic and get a free HDTV

Real-time Dashboards
for your Business

A Leftronic real-time dashboard is the best way to monitor KPIs from every corner of your business. Get automatic updates from your marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, servers, and more; all in one place! Don't wait for a manual report, get data on events as they happen.

your reports

Set up once and always get the latest numbers that impact your business.

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  • Understand your
    data at a glance

    Customize the content and style of your dashboard and get the most out of your data.

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  • Inspire your

    Promote a data-driven culture by displaying your KPIs across multiple devices simultaneously.

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  • Your key metrics in one place

    Start with our templates to quickly create dashboards that connect to the data sources of your choice — Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, AWS, Basecamp and more!

    You'll be in Good Company

    Companies large and small have benefited from setting up Leftronic dashboards throughout their offices. Try Leftronic free for 14 days. No credit card required.