About Us

Who Are We?

The Leftronic team consists of a group of SEO enthusiasts who decided to make life easier for all job seekers worldwide. As we are a diverse collection of developers, designers, and writers, we know exactly just how hard it is to find a great tech job.

We have all been there, we all had job hunting difficulties, so why not make life easier for our fellow IT peers? By doing proper research, we realized the problems and promise of the recruitment industry, especially just how many people were struggling with finding information about jobs and companies they were interested in.

By creating and ranking a website dedicated to finding and posting tech jobs, our goal is to help and connect employees and employers across the tech industry, offering as much details and information as we can, presented in a user-friendly way.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - help people find their dream job, and help people find their dream candidate.

Our goal is to be the middleman. Connect people with companies, and companies with people. By creating a website that easily pops up in your search when looking for the best tech jobs, people will finally be able to put their skills to good use, and with a company that will treat them right! On the other side, we want to give companies the opportunity to broaden their horizons, diversify their teams, and hire talent from across the globe.

There are no unanswered questions on Leftronic. We made the website as user-friendly as it can be, both for candidates and companies alike. Our mission is to guide users on their career journey, and create a seamless path that will finally give people a chance to find a job that makes them happy, or hire a candidate that will be their missing puzzle piece.